Histories of Sustainability in Europe: Discourses and Practices Before and After 1989

Nachbarschaftshilfe beim Bäumepflanzen auf dem Domberg in Tartu / Dorpat, 1943
Nachbarschaftshilfe beim Bäumepflanzen auf dem Domberg in Tartu / Dorpat, 1943, Bildarchiv Inv.-Nr. 157299

Date: November 15-16, 2018
Venue: Lecture Hall, Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe, Marburg

The workshop “Histories of Sustainability in Europe: Discourses and Practises Before and After 1989” to be held on November 15-16, 2018 in Marburg is part of the project “Histories of Sustainability” funded by the Leibniz Association and run by the Institute for Contemporary History Munich-Berlin (Elke Seefried) in cooperation with the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe, Marburg (Christian Lotz) and the University of Augsburg (Marita Krauss, Jens Soentgen).

Sustainability as a word started its wider usage career in the 1970s with the documents and conferences prepared by United Nations. Only few decades later in the 21st century sustainability has already become a buzz word with its meaning being vague and very much dependent on the context. Therefore, the core aim of the workshop is to focus on the immense transformation of the sustainability discourse from its routes in forestry to the usage in almost every field of the human activity nowadays. What exactly have various actors and their policies meant by sustainability in particular European cases from the second half of the 20th century? How did discourses and practises of sustainability were influenced by political and social transformations in Eastern and Western Europe after 1989?

If you are interested to attend the workshop as a guest, please register in advance. Send an email to sabina.kubeke@herder-institut.de mentioning you name, your affiliation and (if appropriate) the title of the project you are currently working on. There is space for a small number of guests at the workshop. The guests will get access to the papers of the workshop participants in order to join the discussion. Please register no later than November 5th, 2018.


Thursday, November 15

1:00-1:10 pm  Welcome: Elke Seefried (Munich), Christian Lotz (Marburg)

1:10-2:00        Keynote: Melanie Arndt (Regensburg): A “new era of ecology” in East and West, 1986-1992

2:00-2:20        Coffee break

2:20-3:00        Presentation & Discussion

Felix Lieb (Munich): From “qualitative growth” to “sustainable development”: German Social Democratic concepts of sustainability and the economisation of environmental policy 1983-1995

Comments:     Yulia Karpova (Budapest)

3:00-3:40        Presentation & Discussion

Yulia Karpova (Budapest): Sustainability visualized and materialised: design project for the Soviet recycling system, 1981-85

Comments:     Felix Lieb (Munich)

3:40-4:00        Coffee break

4:00-4:40        Presentation & Discussion

Sabina Kubekė (Marburg): Poland and the international environmental cooperation during 1970s-1980s

Comments:     Isabell Schrickel (Lüneburg)

4:40-5:20        Presentation & Discussion

Isabell Schrickel (Lüneburg): A computational approach to explore the discoursive landscapes of sustainability at IIASA

Comments:     Sabina Kubekė (Marburg)

5:20-5:40        Coffee break

5:40-7:10        Map Slam (group work with cartographic sources on environmental issues): Christian Lotz (Marburg), Paul Grünler (Marburg)

Friday, November 16

9:00-9:40 am  Presentation & Discussion

Ronald Plantinga (Groningen): The sustainability challenge in a regional agricultural context. The case of the Frisian dairy sector, 1990-2018

Comments:     Nadja Hendriks (Augsburg)

9:40-10:20      Presentation & Discussion

Nadja Hendriks (Augsburg): Local interpretation of a global mandate of action: reading “sustainable development” in Bavarian communities

Comments:     Ronald Plantinga (Groningen)

10:20-10:40    Coffee break

10:40-11:20    Presentation & Discussion

Jacob Nuhn (Bremen): Biking to sustainability: local cycling initiatives in (post)socialist Dresden and Wrocław, 1980-2000

Comments:     Tracie Wilson (Halle)

11:20-12:00    Presentation & Discussion

Tracie Wilson (Halle): The problematic nature of sustainability among environmental activists in Bielsko-Biała

Comments:     Jacob Nuhn (Bremen)

12:00-1:00 pm            Lunch break

1:00-1:40        Presentation & Discussion

Karen Froitzheim (Augsburg): The development of economic sustainability: a corporate perspective in Germany and Great Britain

Comments:     Eva Oberloskamp (Munich)

1:40-2:20        Presentation & Discussion

Eva Oberloskamp (Munich): “Sustainable energy” and the liberalisation of energy markets: discursive conjunctions in Germany during the 1990s

Comments:     Karen Froitzheim (Augsburg)

2:20-2:50        Final discussion

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