Cultures of Opposition – Samizdat in East Central Europe

Workshop of the Herder Institute, Marburg April 24, 2013

Samizdat and cultures of opposition are not only a past phenomenon, but also a very present research and collection issue. For oppositional movements in East Central Europe independent underground publishing was more than a way to overcome the state’s monopoly of information. The samizdat formed a broad forum for oppositional debate, both negotiating strategy and oppositional identity.
The Herder Institute offers an excellent platform to discuss these topics. On the one hand side it hosts researchers from all over the world working on Samizdat and cultures of opposition and on the other hand side we have a substantial collection of Samizdat material, especially the collection of Prof. Urbańczyk from Poland. The Samizdat-Workshop would like to produce synergy effects between various researchers dealing with cultures of opposition in different geographic and disciplinary contexts and the collections in Marburg.

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