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19:00 - 21:00

Dr. Neilesh Bose: Decolonization Global History: Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the History of Political Thought

The lecture is presented by Prof. Dr. Benedikt Stuchtey, Lehrstuhl für Neueste Geschichte (19. und 20. Jh.) at Philipps University Marburg, in Cooperation with Herder Institute.

Public Lecture with Dr. Neilesh Bose, Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Decolonization in Global History: Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the History of Political Thought
This lecture will focus on an exploration of the ideas and politics associated with the concept of Pakistan, the relationship between decolonization and the creation of a two-winged Pakistan, the break-up of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh, and the ongoing struggle to create democratic institutions in Pakistan, and the relationship between democracy and state formation in Bangladesh in the latter half of the twentieth century. Centering the political and intellectual history of the ideas generated within notions of Pakistan in the late colonial period, and marginalization of these ideals in the history of decolonization, the lecture emphasizes how democracy in key regions of South Asia – Pakistan and Bangladesh – were not stymied because of the politics of Islam, but rather because of the largely untold history of incomplete and imbalanced decolonization between the new nation-state of India’s emergence and the marginalized nature of Pakistan and Bangladesh’s role in regional and global world systems. Furthermore, this lecture will discuss and explore democracy’s relationship to decolonization, by centering experiences for Muslim self-determination within discussions of political theory.

Location Lecture Hall