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23.02.2016 - 24.02.2016

Archival Collections in Exile: Making and Remaking Images of Home Abroad

The twentieth century in Europe was a time marked by displacement, war, and exile. This workshop seeks to investigate the complex of prolonged, possibly indefinite exile, and the collection of print, visual, and symbolic material abroad reminiscent of the collectors’ “home.” We understand home as the place that had to be abandoned and to which the respective collector(s) could not return to for the foreseeable future due to political, legal, and economic reasons or because it no longer existed in the state it had been left.

The lectures talk about the history, motivations and goals, collecting and organizing strategies as well as the material content of archival collections in exile in the twentieth century, which sought to represent and preserve a certain idea of their places of origin. Although the regional focus lies on Europe, comparative approaches and comparable topics will be duly considered.

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