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Journal of East Central European Studies Issue 4/2018: Backward and Peripheral? Emerging Cities in Eastern Europe

Issue 4/2018 of the Journal of East Central European Studies has just been published. It contains papers on the thematic focus "Backward and Peripheral? Emerging Cities in Eastern Europe."  Please find the full text of all articles and reviews on our website.

Introduction (excerpt):
Much of the historical work in recent decades has been devoted to “decentering.” Historians of all walks of life have shifted their attention to regions and social groups that are supposedly located at the “margins”, be it geographically or socially. The post-colonial critique of a Western vision of the world as it was voiced in anthropology, history, literary criticism and neighboring disciplines has substantially questioned an often tacitly assumed di-chotomy of center-periphery relationships.

The imperative was, and is, not to reproduce the historical power relations and cultural stereotypes in scholarly work. Analyzing so called emerging cities in Eastern Europe, recent urban historiography makes clear that a look at the micro-level of the cities themselves could help us to move beyond this supposed center-periphery dichotomy. These cities developed their own dynamics and came to have a certain “life of their own,” resulting less from the relationship to the imperial center than from a vivid interurban exchange and network.