Zoppot – Cranz – Riga beach Baltic bathing in the 19th and 20th century

The first sea baths on the Baltic coast came into being around 1800, initially without any comfort and with simple bathing machines and cold baths. The bathing facilities were used for healing various illnesses, but also, from the start, for relaxation and entertainment. The infrastructure of the baths developed rapidly: warm swimming baths came into being, and ever-larger jetties grew into the sea. Later, with the arrival of the railway, small fishing villages became centres of entertainment, where the entire world met.

Zoppot – Cranz – Riga beach Baltic bathing in the 19th and 20th century
Ausstellung Ostseebäder

Of the course of the years, a specific bathing culture developed; the exhibition provides and presents evidence of this using the example of three Baltic sea baths – Zoppot/Sopot, Cranz/Selenogradsk and Riga beach/Jûrmala. The primary subject areas are landscape and general history, spatial design, bathing guests, recreational activities and entertainment, as well as bath architecture in the successive periods of the 19th century, the Interwar Years and the time of National Socialism, Socialism/Communism, as well as after the collapse of Communism. The differences and common features of the three seaside resorts on the southern Baltic coast are presented.

An exhibition by the Herder Institute, Marburg, in collaboration with the Deutsches Kulturforum östliches Europa in Potsdam and the Chair of East European History at the Europa University, Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder).

Dates of the exhibition

28.04.2015 – 13.06.2015
BdV Hessen, Haus der Heimat, Wiesbaden
Venue: Haus der Heimat, Friedrichstraße 35, 65185 Wiesbaden
Opening hours: Montag - Freitag 14:00 - 19:00 Uhr, Samstag 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr
Exhibition Opening: 28. April 2015, at 17:00 o'clock
11.05.2014 – 10.08.2014
Schloss Caputh in Kooperation mit der Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg, Schwielowsee
Venue: Schloss Caputh, Straße der Einheit 2, 14548 Schwielowsee (OT Caputh)
Opening hours: Dienstag - Sonntag 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr
Info: Ausstellungseröffnung am 10. Mai 2014, um 15:00 Uhr
12.07.2013 – 11.10.2013
Haus des Deutschen Ostens, München
31.03.2013 – 25.06.2013
Dokumentationszentrum, Prora
01.08.2012 – 30.08.2012
Valsts sociālās integrācijas aģentūrā, Jūrmala
28.07.2012 – 02.12.2012
Kulturzentrum Ostpreußen im Deutschordensschloß Ellingen, Ellingen/Bay.
03.07.2012 – 30.07.2012
Jūrmalas pilsētas Domē, Jūrmala
10.06.2012 – 29.06.2012
Rathaus, Kiel
04.06.2012 – 01.07.2012
Stadtmuseum, Rigastrand
08.06.2011 – 09.09.2011
Urania, Potsdam
12.05.2011 – 07.06.2011
Immanuel-Kant-Universität (Verwaltungsgebäude), Königsberg
12.04.2011 – 11.05.2011
Hotel Sambia, Selenogradsk
13.01.2011 – 25.02.2011
Europa-Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt (Oder)
08.10.2010 – 23.12.2010
Herder-Institut, Marburg