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16:00 - 18:00

Dániel Márton Molnár: A Spanish “mercenary” and his adventures in Hungary

Plakat Vortrag Molnar
Plakat zum Vortrag

Integrational attempts, contacts and conflicts in the middle of the Habsburg-Ottoman wars.

In the past years, my primary research subject was the complicated relations of the Hungarian nobility and the foreigner military and civil officials of Ferdinand I. of Habsburg, during the mid-16th century. These relations were, on the one hand, formed by lots of complex factors, and on the other hand, usually badly misinterpreted by Hungarian historians of the past centuries.

In my presentation I will represent an infamous relationship between Spanish Bernardo Villela de Aldana, and his Hungarian colleague, István Losonczy. Their relationship was tainted by lot of conflicts – interpreted as personal ones. However, a deeper look into the sources and their lives show us different pictures. Aldana is also a perfect subject to show how difficult was for a Spanish (or particularly any non-German foreigner) to make his way into the society of Hungarian nobility. In my presentation, I will show his time in Hungary, his attempts and the reasons of his failures in the years of 1548-1554.

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