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22.02.2021 - 20.03.2021
Call for papers

Tracing Social Change: “Family Planning” since the 19th Century

Final Conference of the project
“Family planning” in East Central Europe from the 19th Century until the approval of the “pill”

Social change caused by industrialization and urbanization as well as by cultural and political modernization provoked a re-configuration of family conceptions. The demand to determine the number of offspring became a major political claim of women’s rights movements before it became part of “normality” within family life. “Family planning” as a practice was hence a result of value changes caused by social changes: since then, it developed step-by-step from a significant individual practice to a human right. During social, political, and economic crises and periods of rapid social change, “family planning” has become a target of political attacks, for example as revealed by the new Polish anti-abortion law and discussion about sexual education.

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Deadline for submitting paper proposals (in English, approx. 300 to 500 words) and short (15-line) biography: March 20, 2021
Proposals should be sent to: forum@herder-institut.de