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Peter Haslinger erhält den "John Rath Prize" des Austrian History Yearbook

Austrian History Yearbook, Vol 49
Austrian History Yearbook, Vol 49

"Dilemmas of Security" has been awarded the annual John Rath prize for the best article in the Austrian History Yearbook.

The winner of this year’s Rath Prize is Peter Haslinger’s “Dilemmas of Security: The State, Local Agency, and the Czechoslovak-Hungarian Boundary Commission, 1921-25.” Haslinger employs complex sources in numerous languages to demonstrate that the postwar settlements that structured the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian Empire actually happened far away from Paris. Local populations petitioned the Boundary Commission about border disputes, often citing economic, security, and geographic factors rather than nationalist ideas of self-determination. Ultimately, though, the arduous process of drawing a Czechoslovak-Hungarian border reflected each state’s national security agenda more than the interests of the local population. Haslinger’s ability to set his meticulous research in a broader context of security studies makes the piece particularly successful and convincing.