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Nach "Mapping Vilnius" nun auch "Mapping Visaginas" erschienen

Mapping Visaginas. Sources of urbanity in a former mono-functional town

Der Band bündelt die Ergebnisse der Summer School Mapping Visaginas: Sources of Urbanity in Post-Industrial Cities, die mit Beteiligung des Herder-Instituts vom 20.9. bis 3.10.2015 in Visaginas stattfand.

Mapping Visaginas is the second book in a series promoting Critical Urbanism as a way of analyzing the changing relationships between citizens, the state and the international context in shaping urban spaces in Central- and Eastern Europe. In this participatory research into the former mono-functional nuclear town of Visaginas in the East of Lithuania, we used mapping as a process-oriented technique to explore sources of urbanity. The book was edited by the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism at the European Humanities University in Vilnius.