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Holdings of the Image Archive of the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe


The Image Archive collects and indexes image sources relating to the region of East Central Europe and makes these available to researchers and the interested public. The archive contains all kinds photography, postcards, as well as artwork and drawings from the 16th century to the present day. The holdings of the Image Archive can be divided into four categories according to their provenance: some have been passed down from institutions (archives, monument preservation organizations), others from photographers or companies (agencies, publishing houses); some material has also been obtained from researchers (working in the areas of architecture, history, art history, urban planning) and some has come from private collections. In terms of its thematic scope, the graphic material encompasses the documentation of urban and rural settlements, (cultural) landscapes and both secular and religious buildings, along with their fixtures and features. Furthermore, there are images of historical and festive occasions, but also pictures documenting everyday life as well as portraits of personalities. The image sources complement the holdings of the map and document collections, offering access to knowledge about East Central Europe, both as it was and is today, from a range of different angles.

Content Material/Research


Several tens of thousands Digital copies
Several tens of thousands Digital photographys (Digital camera)
Several hundred Graphic arts
ca 622,500 Image carriers
ca 80 Photograph albums
ca 60,000 Postcards
Several thousand Slides (Photography)
Several thousand Technical drawings

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Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe – Institute of the Leibniz Association
ISIL: DE-2718

Gisonenweg 5-7
35037 Marburg

Image Archive
ISIL: DE-2310

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Mon–Thu 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m.
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AustriaBelarusCzech RepublicCzechoslovakiaEstoniaGermanyHungaryItalyKaliningrad OblastKönigsbergLatviaLithuaniaPolandRomaniaRussiaSlovakiaUkraineYugoslavia...


ArchitectureArt decoArt nouveauArt, GothicCity planningCivilization, BaroqueClassicismContemporary historyContemporary, TheCultural landscapesCultureEveryday lifeHistorical eventHistoricismHistory, ModernMiddle AgesModernismMonument protectionPaintingPhoto documentationPolitical iconographyPropagandaRenaissanceRomanticismSocialist realismWorld War, 1914-1918World War, 1939-1945...

Referenced/represented time period

16th century until today


Architecture historyArt History and Art ScienceCulture historyIndustrial history, trade and commerceMicro, local or everyday historyMilitary history and history of violenceNationalism History / NationalizationRegional and country historySocial history and social sciencesTraffic history and infrastructure historyUrban and metropolitan history...




In January 1951, the Herder Institute’s image archive recorded its first acquisitions. Since that time, it has been collecting historical as well as contemporary pictorial materials (with the exception of paintings) relating to the countries of East Central Europe. Additions of particular note included parts of the image and plan archives of the last provincial conservator of Lower Silesia, Günter Grundmann, the picture stocks of the two Gdansk-based monument preservationists Willi Drost and Erich Vollmar (which were incorporated into the Erich Keyser collection), and the photo inventory of the architect and architectural historian Paul Campe, who originally came from Latvia. Other significant acquisitions have included the pictorial documentation of the Baltic manor houses that belonged to the former livestock inspector Baron Friedrich von Wolff-Lettien as well as the purchase of the photographic estate of Stefan Arczynski, one of the most important Polish photographers of the second half of the 20th century.


Time Event: 16th century until today
Place/Area: Poland  Germany  Czechoslovakia  Baltic States  East Prussia  Latvia  Hungary  Romania  Königsberg  Gdańsk  West Prussia  Poznań  Estonia  Wrocław  Kaliningrad  Czechoslovakia  Estonia  Latvia  Lithuania  Czechoslovakia
Photographer: Arczyński, Stefan +
Photographer: Beyerlein, Hermann +
Creator of the collection: Ballestrem (Count's family) +
Creator of the collection: Boeckler, Erich +
Photographer: Brodt, Hans
Photographer: Campe, Paul +
Photographer: Custodis, August +
Photographer: Clasen, Karl-Heinz +
Photographer: Drost, Willi +
Publisher: Duncker, Alexander +
Photographer: Fischer, Erich
Photographer: Flessing, Hans-Joachim
Photographer: Grundmann, Guenther +
Photographer: Heinke, Artur +
Photographer: Hintzer, Karl +
Photographer: Jagusch, Rudolf
Photographer: Masnovskis, Vitolds +
Photographer: Orth, Hans Joachim +
Photographer: Purvinas, Martynas +
Photographer: Poklekowski, Paul +
Photographer: Simonsen, Julius +
Photographer: Schekanski, Wolfgang +
Photographer: Schumacher, Haro +
Photographer: Stewner, Ernst +
Photographer: Vossbeck, Thomas +
Photographer: Treichel, Alexander +
Photographer: Wiemers, Franz +
Photographer: Wolf-Lettien, Friedrich Baron von +


Time Event: 1951 until today
Place/Area: Marburg
Creator of the collection: Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe - Scientific collections, Image Archive

Context Material


DIETMAR POPP: Das Baltikum als Sammlungsschwerpunkt : Baltica im Bildarchiv 2014. [PPN: 442248903]   HeBIS Discovery System (HDS)

DIETMAR POPP: Schlösser und Gärten Schlesiens in Bildmaterialien des Herder-Instituts : visuelle Quellen fur Rekonstruktion und Revitalisierung am Beispiel von Schloss Fiirstenstein und verwandten Objekten 2017. [PPN: 443000212]   HeBIS Discovery System (HDS)

DIETMAR POPP CHRISTIAN LOTZ: Potenziale für neue Forschungen zur Geschichte und Kultur Schlesiens : Perspektiven aus den Wissenschaftlichen Sammlungen des Herder-Instituts fur historische Ostmitteleuropaforschung 2016. [PPN: 442303386]   HeBIS Discovery System (HDS)

ERNST STEWNER: Ein deutscher Fotograf in Polen : Niemiecki fotograf Polski: PIOTR KORDUBA, DIETMAR POPP (Hrsg.): Marburg 2015 (Materialien zur Kunst, Kultur und Geschichte Ostmitteleuropas). [PPN: 356902471]   OPAC   HeBIS Discovery System (HDS)

RAFAŁ EYSYMONTT, DIETMAR POPP, STANISŁAW KLIMEK (Hrsg.): Städte Niederschlesiens im Luftbild , Wrocław [2018?]. [PPN: 430477821]   OPAC   HeBIS Discovery System (HDS)

OTTO ROLLENHAGEN, EWA BARYLEWSKA-SZYMÁNSKA (Hrsg.): Untersuchung und Beschreibung der Danziger Bürgerhäuser : mit besonderer Darstellung der Bauten aus der Zeit der Gotik bis zur Spätrenaissance, Marburg 2008. [PPN: 202656470]   OPAC   HeBIS Discovery System (HDS)

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Source/Rights: Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe – Institute of the Leibniz Association [ISIL: DE-2718]  +
Image: Lightbox with slides from the holdings of the Image Archive, Photograph: Claudia Junghänel, 2015, Image Archive, Inventory number: _91A2979, Rights of use: Herder Institute, Marburg
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Author: Popp, Dietmar
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