Information and Resources

Collect as research library specializing in political, cultural, economic and social history, Geography and Culture of East Central Europe and we open up books, magazines and newspapers, notes, records, CDs, CD-ROMs, videos, DVDs, electronic resources (eg, national licenses) in East - and Western European languages.

» National Licenses

Our inventory includes 520,000 volumes, including more than 22,000 periodicals (1,600 of them are current periodicals) already online searchable in the journal database (ZDB). We are affiliated to the national and international interlibrary loan and therefore hold all media for local use or as part of the local or interlibrary loan ready.

We focus both on regional aspects of content such as a clearly defined area and collect literature on Central and Eastern Europe with the claim as comprehensive as possible in the area of ​​difficult to obtain (so-called "gray") literature. Since our inception, we acquired not only the currently published literature, but also older books or magazines.

In the early years came as closed forests (about the data returned from the U.S. library holdings of "Publication Office Berlin-Dahlem") or collections from private hands in our library. Our inventory focuses significantly in the 19th to 21 Century, but we also have a relatively large selection of titles (Rara) from the time before the 1800s. We felt it was always important to gather any substantive or ideological blinders. Therefore, both ideological publications from the socialist countries, as well as publications of the emigration of displaced or press a very complete are with us about the time of the "Cold War" is available.

As a commitment towards our patron saint, we also have a broken down to the texts and secondary literature collection of Johann Gottfried Herder. This large inventory width and stand density, and other special collections make up the importance of our holdings.

» Special Collections