Bibliography portal for Eastern European history

Bibliographic documentation constitutes a central service provided by the Herder Institute for historical research on Eastern Central Europe.

It encompasses the provision, and development of, an electronic online research system for all scientifically relevant literature in the area of Eastern Central European history as well the periodic creation of annual bibliographies that centre on the history of particular Eastern Central European landscapes.

The standardised collection of material is carried out within a framework of collaborative, international partnerships, which is organised around work-sharing. Partner organisations in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary collaborate under the leadership of the Herder Institute. There is an understanding that the partners in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Hungary gather titles of publications coming out of Eastern Central and Eastern Europe, while staff of the Herder Institute as well as external German collaborators focus on gathering literature that is appearing in Western Europe and overseas. At present, around 780 West-European and North American periodicals are under evaluation. A comparative number of East European journals and series are handled by our partners in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Titles concerned with the history of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have so far been incorporated by an external editor in Germany (Paul Kaegbein/Baltic Historical Commission). The annual electronic data for each year under review is exchanged between collaborators and the titles that are sent to Marburg are then integrated into the Herder Institute's literature database. The database is also accessible via the meta search engine in the portals Clio-online, ViFa-Ost and ViFa-Nord.