Historical-Topographical Atlas of Silesian Towns

The town atlas—realised in collaboration with Polish, Czech and German partners—intends to offer you a sophisticated impression of the topographic development of the settlement of 34 selected Silesian towns from the 19th to the 21st century. Especially the contemporary map representations, aerial photographs, drawings, photographs, press reports, film clips, as well as the specially compiled development phases maps provide a graphic insight into the settlement development.


Web application

After loading the interactive multimedia application and a dynamic introduction, there initially follows a "town overview". Using the switchable legend, the border movements of Silesia that formed the most significant caesuras for urban development, particularly in the 20th century, can be seen. Additional "information" provides different texts on the concept of this collaborative project.

After clicking on a town in the overview map, a timeline appears, which is used to visualise the spatial development of the respective settlement of the town using maps and aerial images. "Additional materials" contain further graphic views, city maps and photographs, which also provide an image of the form of the town, whilst the "description" offers informative texts on the respective development phase of the town.

The application is completed by an animated "development phases map", which cartographically brings together the spatial and temporal development sectors described in the textual contributions.

The application is currently being reworked and is therefore unavailable.
YouTube: Görlitz/Zgorzelec - Urban development from 12th to 21st century


Atlas volumes

Parallel to the online version, the research results will be published in the form of individual volumes for each town. In addition to the complete texts on the development of the respective towns written by an international team of authors and the edited maps at a scale of 1:25,000, these also include an extensive bibliography.

The following atlas volumes are available:
Görlitz/Zgorzelec (2010), German/Polish, EUR 19.00
Opole/Oppeln (2011), Polish/German, EUR 19.00
Węgliniec/Kohlfurt (2012), Polish/German, EUR 19.00
Nowa Sól/Neusalz (2013), Polish/German, EUR 19.00
Wrocław/Breslau (2016), English, EUR 40.00
Wrocław/Breslau (2016), Polish, EUR 25.00
Wrocław/Breslau (2016), German, EUR 35.00


In addition to volume 5, a montage of 27 vertical aerial photographs of Breslau/Wrocław in 1944 was published as a poster. The montage not only gives a fascinating overview of the city, it also allows for a critical evaluation of city maps: Many plans and maps, in particular during the Second World War, did not show sites of armament factories or strategic parts of the city's infrastructure. The reverse side of the poster gives examples of such maps and provides some explanations.

Tracing Silence on Maps / Kartografische Leerstellen, English/German,
folded EUR 5.00
rolled EUR 9.00


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