Pre-Project: Onlineportal History and Cultural Heritage in Eastern Europe (HCHEE)

Project Leader: Barbara Fichtl M.A.
Project Coordination: Dr. Elke Bauer
Project Staff: Barbara Fichtl M.A., Dr. Elke Bauer, Lauritz Noack, Stephanie Palek M.A.

Funding: Bundesbeauftragte für Kultur und Medien (BKM)
Duration: 09/2017 – 01/2019

The project has been set up to help us develop a concept for a joint portal where organizations and projects that deal with the history and cultural heritage of Eastern Europe will be able to present themselves. The aim of the portal is to increase the visibility of the contributing organizations, including their activities and research output, and to make both their collections of source materials and digital services more easily researchable.

The follow-up project “Copernico. History and Cultural Heritage in Eastern Europe” was succesfully initiated in february 2019.