Privacy Policy

The protection of your private sphere when using our website is important to us. For that reason, please note the following:

» please download: General privacy policy for third parties

Anonymous data acquisition / Evaluation

Access to the web pages of this Internet presence is logged using the Piwik analysis software. The data are evaluated for statistical purposes and to improve the offer. The provisions of the TMG shall apply.

This internet presence uses cookies. This is a small profile file that is stored on your hard disk. This file can be used to check whether you are visiting our website again. Personal data will not be stored, you will remain anonymous. Cookies can be disabled. Use the user manual of your internet browser. However, this may result in restrictions on the Internet presence.

The export and processing of data in states outside the European Economic Area

Data is not exported to states outside the European Economic Area.

External links

To provide you with optimal information, you can find links on our pages that refer to the websites of third parties. If this is not clearly apparent, we will indicate that this is an external link. The Herder Institute has no influence on the content or design of these sites belonging to other providers. The guarantees of this data protection declaration will therefore not apply to those sites.

Further information and contacts

If you have any further questions on the subject of data protection at the Herder Institute, please contact the Data Protection Officer of our Institute. You can find the contact address below. Here you can enquire which of your data we have saved. Furthermore, you can also send information, requests for the deletion or correction of your data and also suggestions by e-mail or letter at any time to the following address:

Henning Welz
Gesellschaft für Datenschutz Mittelhessen mbH
Auf der Appeling 8
35043 Marburg-Cappel

The acquisition and processing of personal data

Personal data is only acquired if you inform us of it within the scope of a contract, a questionnaire or in registering for personalized services. Within the scope of the personalized services of the Herder Institute, your registration data will be processed for the purposes of advertising and market research and for the design of necessary electronic services, on the condition that you have given your permission to do so.

Use and transmission of personal data

Without your permission, personal data acquired within the scope of the websites of the Herder Institute will only be used for processing contracts and dealing with your enquiries. Furthermore, the use of your data for the purposes of advertising and market research and for designing necessary electronic services for the Herder Institute will only take place if you have given your prior permission for this. Otherwise there will be no transmission to any third party. You can naturally withdraw your respective consent at any time with immediate effect.


In some offers of our website (e.g. image catalog) as well as on portal pages (e.g. of the Herder Institute, maps of the service “OpenStreetMap” are used, which are offered on the basis of the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) by the OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF). Here you can find the privacy policy of the OSMF.

To our knowledge, user data is used by OpenStreetMap solely for the purpose of displaying the map functions and temporarily storing the selected settings. This data may include, in particular, IP addresses and location data of users, which, however, are not collected without their consent (usually executed within the settings of their mobile devices).