Herder Research Council and Historic Commissions

The Johann Gottfried Herder Research Council (HFR) is a scientific association that was set up with the aim to promote research on Eastern Europe within a wider European context and with a special focus on historical, sociological and cultural issues. With this goal in mind, the council regularly runs international conferences that play a key role in fostering a deeper understanding of the region’s past and present. The topics explored at these events include regional interdependencies, neighborly relations, cultural exchange, and migration processes.

In line with its interdisciplinary approach, the research council is organized into specialized commissions. Members of these expert groups regularly hold conferences and publish the results. Alongside this, the research council has also been increasing efforts to support open and project-specific working groups.

  • Commission for Language and Literature
  • Commission for European Ethnology (Folklore)
  • Commission for Economic and Social Sciences
  • Commission for Contemporary History

You can access the research council’s website here.

The historical commissions for Eastern Europe are communities of scientists who deal with all aspects and epochs of a particular region’s history. The research council is made up of the following specialized commissions:

The historical commissions see it as their primary task in the area of basic research to produce publications, prosopographies, map series, handbooks, and helpful resources. In this way, they provide access to expertise and open up opportunities that would otherwise not be widely or readily available. In addition, they serve as a forum for communication and networking, which becomes especially visible and lively at regularly held conferences. Most commissions also produce their own publication series

The tasks of the research council and the historical commissions are complementary to the Herder Institute’s profile. For them, an essential part of their work is collaborating closely with the Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe – Institute of the Leibniz Association, as well as with other institutions and individual scientists in their specific fields.