Obituary for Eszter Gantner

It is with shock and deep sadness that we mourn the sudden death of our colleague Eszter Gantner.

She will be greatly missed, not only at the Herder Institute, but also by the entire East Central Europe research community. Eszter Gantner was a hugely talented academic whose work has made an important impact, again and again, in the areas of commemorative, heritage and urbanism research. In recent years she also acquired broad expertise in digital humanities and, together with partners in East Central Europe, has broken new ground in the area of digital teaching. She has also been a key supporter of the Loewe initiative “Regions of Conflict in Eastern Europe” and thus also an indispensable and treasured colleague for our partners and friends at Justus Liebig University in Giessen.

Eszter Gantner was also very present in the international research community where she was greatly appreciated for her willingness to cooperate and her creativity in coming up with new and in-depth approaches across a wide variety of topics and in striking out in new directions. She was not only a widely respected ambassador for the Herder Institute and both universities in Giessen and Marburg, but also set the tone for transatlantic European Studies, for example, for the Council for European Studies. It is particularly tragic that she was about to complete her habilitation thesis at the Philipps University in Marburg.

We will all miss her wealth of ideas and her critical mind, which was always so focused on the matter at hand. Eszter Gantner’s death has also affected us deeply on a personal level. She was a person who enthused and inspired everyone who knew her – we will miss her hugely.
Our sympathy goes out to her whole family.

Peter Haslinger