Kurland Property Records

This publication entitled “Kurland Property Records” opens up an essential source on Livonian history of the late Middle Ages and Reformation period, and makes these materials available and usable for research. In particular, it provides new insights on matters relating to economic, social and population history.
In cooperation with Klaus Neitmann (Baltic Historical Commission Göttingen/Potsdam), edited by Daphne Schadewaldt.

The “property records”, which concern rural land tenure during the latter period of the Duchy of Kurland, are primarily fiefdom documents, bills of sale, and mortgage deeds as well as documents relating to, among other things, marriage agreements, boundary inspections, judicial disputes, and annuity business. These are documents that were omitted when the Livonian, Estonian and Kurland record book was published, so this edition presents a collection of sources that have, until now, remained largely unknown. The publication covers the time period from the year 1230, when the first documents were handed down, until the end of Livonian independence in 1526.

The publication project received financial support from the Marga and Kurt Möllgaard Foundation in Frankfurt am Main, and the work was carried out, at intervals, from April 1998 until the end of March 2003. The editing process began with the rediscovery of a manuscript by German-Baltic historian Albert Bauer, which was held in the Institute’s document collection. In the 1930s and 1950s, Bauer had gathered a large number of significant source materials from various archives (522 documents in total, 381 of which contained text). As part of the project, originals and/or photographs of these documents were collated, processed and edited using a critical methodology, and numerous additional pieces from archives in Berlin, Riga, Stockholm, and Copenhagen were collected and incorporated. The resulting publication contains close to 1,100 relevant and significant documents.

The text of the records is in german.

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1 Z[...]ste(?) erg0951
2 Zabel Bauer197
3 Zabel erg1000
4 Zabel erg1011
5 Zabel erg1066
6 Zabele Bauer019
7 Zabele Bauer023
8 Zabelischer wech erg0889
9 Zabell Bauer327
10 Zabell Bauer383
11 Zabell erg0234
12 Zabell erg0671
13 Zabell erg0865
14 Zabell erg1016
15 Zabell erg1016
16 Zabell erg1197
17 [Zabeln] Bauer221
18 Zabelnn erg1200
19 Zabelsch erg0084
20 Zabelscher wech erg0078
21 Zabelscher wech erg0080
22 Zabelscher wech; Zabellscher wech erg0073
23 Zabelscher weg Bauer410
24 Zabelscher weg erg0348
25 Zabull erg1179
26 Zalenen Bauer069 (Sallenen 18 km nw Hasenpoth)
27 Zallancken erg0090
28 Zamaiken; Szamaike Bauer311
29 Zareykenbeke erg0060 (Zareykenbecke, in der Gegend von Sarraiken 20 km nnw Grobin)
30 Zchelde erg0330 (Zchelde, wohl unweit Groß-Duppeln 3,6 km wnw Altenburg)
31 Zebbedaghen Bauer056 (Subdaggen 5,4 km ssw Dondangen)
32 Zebber Bauer432 (ob Sebbern 3,8 km nw Schlagunen(?))
33 Zedijen Bauer212
34 Zedreueos Bauer039
35 Zedwen Bauer175 (Zedwen, Zufluß in die Misse)
36 Zeegere Bauer024
37 Zeesele Bauer024
38 Zegere Bauer020
39 Zegere Bauer025
40 [Zehren] Bauer086 (Zehren 9 km nö Kandau)
41 [Zehren] erg0104 (Zehren 9 km nö Kandau)
42 [Zehren] erg0108 (Zehren 9 km nö Kandau)
43 [Zehren] erg0109 (Zehren 9 km nö Kandau)
44 Zekulemsemme Bauer024
45 Zekuliseme erg0141
46 Zekulmseme Bauer025
47 Zeku\^{o}lmseme Bauer020
48 Zelden Bauer069 (Zelden, früher Dorf 2,5 km nö Groß-Dserwen)
49 Zeleboten Bauer024
50 Zelekoten Bauer020
51 Zelekoten Bauer025
52 Zelekoten erg0141
53 Zelende Bauer020
54 Zelende Bauer024
55 Zelende Bauer025
56 Zelende erg0141
57 Zellandt erg0085
58 Zellant; Zellandt erg1059
59 Zelme Bauer025 (Celme 12 km w Frauenburg)
60 Zelse Bauer023 (Zelzen, früher Dorf wohl bei Warwen)
61 Zelse Bauer127
62 Zelse Bauer171
63 Zelse erg0085
64 Zelsen Bauer141
65 Zelsen beke Bauer186
66 Zelzen Bauer061
67 Zelzsen Bauer109 (Zelzen, früher Dorf, nahe bei Warwen vermutet)
68 Zembeke Bauer165 (Zembeke, Küstenfluß, mündet wohl in der Gegend von Seemuppen 31 wnw Hasenpoth ins Meer)
69 Zemminen Bauer078 (Zemminen, terra Zemminen et Dayzen in der Gegend von Daidsen 2 km ssw Dubenalken)
70 Zene purwe erg0301 (Zene purwe, Zufluß in die Eckau)
71 Zene purwe erg0302 (Zene purwe, Zufluß in die Eckau)
72 Zerenden Bauer058 (Zerrenden, Fluß in der Gegend von Zerrenden 15 km sw Goldingen)
73 Zernischer weg erg0935
74 Zernisches siep erg0935
75 Zervinas Bauer039
76 Zerwe Bauer069 (wohl Klein-Dserwen 3,5 km ssw Appricken)
77 Zesele Bauer020
78 Zesele Bauer025
79 Zesele erg0141
80 Zetzedua Bauer039
81 Zilden Bauer022 (Zilden 8 km nö Hasenpoth)
82 Zilden via Bauer081 (Zilden 8 km nö Hasenpoth)
83 Zilse; Zelsen Bauer019 (Zelzen, früher Dorf wohl bei Warwen)
84 Zintere Bauer053 (Dsintern 6 km nnö Groß-Dserwen am linken Ufer der Tebber)
85 Ziraw Bauer456 (Zirau 12 km w Hasenpoth)
86 Ziraw erg0990 (Zirau 12 km w Hasenpoth)
87 Zirenden Bauer474b (Zerrenden 15 km sw Goldingen)
88 Zirendische beke; Zyrendische beke Bauer474b (Zerrenden-Bach, in der Gegend von Zerrenden 15 km sw Goldingen)
89 Zirgen Bauer077 (Sirgen 9 km sw Pilten)
90 Zirgenn Bauer163
91 Zirincken, die erg0531
92 Zirschleischer weg; Zirschlokescher weg Bauer445
93 [Zohden] erg0275 (Zohden 6,3 km n Bauske)
94 [Zohden] erg0430 (Zohden 6,3 km n Bauske)
95 [Zohden] erg0431 (Zohden 6,3 km n Bauske)
96 zolte see; solte see Bauer327
97 Zonemunde erg0920
98 Zouwken; Zouken erg0941 (Alt-Saucken 33 km sw Jakobstadt)
99 Zwyerkesche via; Sywerkesche via Bauer142 (Selgerben 15 km nw Tuckum)
100 Zyntere Bauer184 (Zyntere, Bach in der Gegend von Dsintern 6 km nnö Groß-Dserwen)
101 Zynthere Bauer069 (Dsintern 6 km nnö Groß-Dserwen)
102 Zynthere Bauer069 (Dsintern, Bach in der Gegend ovn Dsintern 6 km nnö Groß-Dserwen)
103 Zyrge Bauer188 (Zyrge, Gewässer in der Gegend von Selgerben 15 km nw Tuckum)
104 Zyrow Bauer474c (Zirau 12 km w Hasenpoth)
105 Zyrow Bauer474d