Kurland Property Records

This publication entitled “Kurland Property Records” opens up an essential source on Livonian history of the late Middle Ages and Reformation period, and makes these materials available and usable for research. In particular, it provides new insights on matters relating to economic, social and population history.
In cooperation with Klaus Neitmann (Baltic Historical Commission Göttingen/Potsdam), edited by Daphne Schadewaldt.

The “property records”, which concern rural land tenure during the latter period of the Duchy of Kurland, are primarily fiefdom documents, bills of sale, and mortgage deeds as well as documents relating to, among other things, marriage agreements, boundary inspections, judicial disputes, and annuity business. These are documents that were omitted when the Livonian, Estonian and Kurland record book was published, so this edition presents a collection of sources that have, until now, remained largely unknown. The publication covers the time period from the year 1230, when the first documents were handed down, until the end of Livonian independence in 1526.

The publication project received financial support from the Marga and Kurt Möllgaard Foundation in Frankfurt am Main, and the work was carried out, at intervals, from April 1998 until the end of March 2003. The editing process began with the rediscovery of a manuscript by German-Baltic historian Albert Bauer, which was held in the Institute’s document collection. In the 1930s and 1950s, Bauer had gathered a large number of significant source materials from various archives (522 documents in total, 381 of which contained text). As part of the project, originals and/or photographs of these documents were collated, processed and edited using a critical methodology, and numerous additional pieces from archives in Berlin, Riga, Stockholm, and Copenhagen were collected and incorporated. The resulting publication contains close to 1,100 relevant and significant documents.

The text of the records is in german.

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1 Obbetarre erg0104
2 Ockethen Bauer109 (Alt-Okten 2 km nnö Ligutten)
3 Octe Bauer023 (Okten 2 km nnö Ligutten)
4 Octe; Ochten Bauer019 (Okten 2 km nnö Ligutten)
5 Octekalwen Bauer196 (Octekalwen, im Gebiet von Kurschkönig 21 km sw Goldingen)
6 Octen erg0141
7 Octen erg0141
8 Odern erg0428 (Odern 7 km osö Talsen)
9 Odern beke erg0428 (Odern-Bach im Gebiet von Odern 7 km osö Talsen)
10 Odernn erg0429 (Odern 7 km osö Talsen)
11 Odernn becke erg0429 (Odern-Bach im Gebiet von Odern 7 km osö Talsen)
12 Ogenngebrockte erg0784
13 Ogeporwe Bauer140
14 Ogepur erg0343
15 Ogepurbe erg0653
16 [Ohseln] erg0896 (Ohseln 12 km nö Goldingen mit Oselkrug)
17 Oialen Bauer508 (Oyallen, früher Dorf 15 km sö Goldingen)
18 Okten Bauer171 (Okten 17 km onö Talsen)
19 Okten Bauer186 (Okten 17 km onö Talsen)
20 [Okten, Alt] Bauer258 (Alt-Okten 2 km nnö Ligutten(?))
21 [Okten, Alt] erg0342 (Alt-Okten 2 km nnö Ligutten)
22 Oktkalven Bauer217
23 Oldenborch Bauer168 (Oldenburg 3,2 km nw Puhnen-Oldenburg)
24 Oldenborch Bauer216 (Oldenburg 3,2 km nw Puhnen-Oldenburg)
25 Oldenborch Bauer223 (Oldenburg 3,2 km nw Puhnen-Oldenburg)
26 Oldennburch erg0388 (Oldenburg 3,2 km nw Puhnen-Oldenburg)
27 Opemele Bauer027 (Upmale, semgallische Landschaft zwischen Kurl. Aa und Düna südl. der Stadtmark Rigas bis über die Memel hinaus)
28 Opimele erg0250 (Upmale, semgallische Landschaft zwischen Kurl. Aa und Düna südl. der Stadtmark Rigas, bis über die Memel hinausreichend)
29 Opiten Bauer027
30 Opiten Bauer070 (Opiten, wohl Land am Uppit-Bach, einem rechten Zufluß in die Tosel, die bei Niederbartau von links in die Bartau mündet)
31 Oppelmele; Oppemele Bauer038 (Upmale, semgallische Landschaft zwischen Kurl. Aa und Düna südl. der Stadtmark Rigas bis über die Memel hinaus)
32 Oppesedie erg0204 (Upseden 13 km ssö der Sackemündung in die Ostsee)
33 ort Abau Bauer291 (Abau, rechter Nebenfluß der Windau)
34 Oschallem erg0068 (Oxeln 19 km sö Talsen)
35 Oschen beche erg0920
36 Oßekallen erg0299
37 Oselinge Bauer451
38 Osell Bauer168
39 Osenick erg0356 (Oscheneeken 25 km sö Goldingen)
40 Oßepurwe Bauer396
41 Osere Bauer192
42 Osewalck Bauer322
43 Osilia Bauer004
44 Osilia Bauer005
45 Osilia Bauer006
46 Osol Czeme Bauer262 (Ohsolzeem, etwa zwischen Edsen und Groß-Iwanden gelegen)
47 Ossenhagen Bauer303
48 Oste Bauer311
49 Ostelayden Bauer119 (Ostelayden, früher Dorf in der Dorfmark Sacken, vermutlich identisch mit Ostbach 1,5 km nnw Sackenhausen)
50 Osterrick erg1179
51 Osua Bauer002 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
52 Otangke Bauer401 (Otanke, mündet in den Libauschen See)
53 Othmarschen hoyschlagk erg0920
54 Ouder Bauer378 (Audrau-Bach, mündet von links in die Würzau)
55 Ousewarpe erg0141
56 Outsode Bauer304
57 Outsode Bauer360
58 Outsode Bauer360
59 Oüwatsche brugge Bauer305
60 Overwaelen Bauer323 (Prawingen 9 km sö Tuckum)
61 Owchance Bauer083
62 Oweckssche beke Bauer305 (Owecksche beke, Zufluß in die Waddax)
63 Owseschen beke erg0880 (Autze, linker Nebenfluß der Swehte)
64 Owsessiche shee; Owessche shee; Iwsessche (Owsessche?) shee Bauer447 (Autzscher See 25 km sw Doblen)
65 Owthsche see; Owtzen see; Owtzssche see; Owtzessche see Bauer305 (Autzscher See 25 km sw Doblen)
66 Owtze erg0386 (Alt-Autz 30 km sw Doblen oder Groß-Autz 26 km sw Doblen)
67 Owtzenn Bauer417 (Groß-Autz 26 km sw Doblen)
68 Owtzenn Bauer417 (Groß-Autz 26 km sw Doblen)
69 Owtzenn Bauer417 (Groß-Autz 26 km sw Doblen)
70 [Oxeln] erg0118 (Oxeln 19 km sö Talsen)