Kurland Property Records

This publication entitled “Kurland Property Records” opens up an essential source on Livonian history of the late Middle Ages and Reformation period, and makes these materials available and usable for research. In particular, it provides new insights on matters relating to economic, social and population history.
In cooperation with Klaus Neitmann (Baltic Historical Commission Göttingen/Potsdam), edited by Daphne Schadewaldt.

The “property records”, which concern rural land tenure during the latter period of the Duchy of Kurland, are primarily fiefdom documents, bills of sale, and mortgage deeds as well as documents relating to, among other things, marriage agreements, boundary inspections, judicial disputes, and annuity business. These are documents that were omitted when the Livonian, Estonian and Kurland record book was published, so this edition presents a collection of sources that have, until now, remained largely unknown. The publication covers the time period from the year 1230, when the first documents were handed down, until the end of Livonian independence in 1526.

The publication project received financial support from the Marga and Kurt Möllgaard Foundation in Frankfurt am Main, and the work was carried out, at intervals, from April 1998 until the end of March 2003. The editing process began with the rediscovery of a manuscript by German-Baltic historian Albert Bauer, which was held in the Institute’s document collection. In the 1930s and 1950s, Bauer had gathered a large number of significant source materials from various archives (522 documents in total, 381 of which contained text). As part of the project, originals and/or photographs of these documents were collated, processed and edited using a critical methodology, and numerous additional pieces from archives in Berlin, Riga, Stockholm, and Copenhagen were collected and incorporated. The resulting publication contains close to 1,100 relevant and significant documents.

The text of the records is in german.

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1 Habichtsberg Bauer491
2 [Halswigshof] erg1193 (Halswigshof 9 km w Friedrichstadt)
3 [Halswigshof] erg1198 (Halswigshof 9 km w Friedrichstadt)
4 Hapsell erg0327
5 Hapsell erg0327
6 Harrien erg0177
7 Harrien unnd Wirlande; Harrien und Wirlannde erg0755
8 Harriesch erg0981
9 Hasaw Bauer472 (Hasau, mündet ca. 20 km ssw Windau in die Ostsee)
10 Hasawe; Hasaw erg0988 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
11 Hasbaltenn lanndt Bauer385
12 Hasemu\^{e}ggere Bauer151
13 Hasennpote Bauer479
14 Hasennpote erg0853
15 Haßennpothe erg0854
16 Haßennpothe erg0854
17 Hasenpot Bauer482
18 Hasenpot erg0068 (Hasenpoth-Kloster am südl. Stadtrand von Hasenpoth)
19 Hasenpot erg0240
20 Hasenpot erg0586
21 Hasenpot erg0990
22 Hasenpot erg1005
23 Hasenpot erg1179
24 Hasenpot erg1197
25 Hasenpote Bauer139
26 Hasenpote erg0042
27 Hasenpote; Hasenpotisch erg0907
28 Haßenpotescher weg Bauer165
29 [Hasenpoth] Bauer248
30 Hasenpoth Bauer329
31 Hasenpoth Bauer355
32 Hasenpoth Bauer359
33 Hasenpoth Bauer485
34 Hasenpoth erg0748
35 [Hasenpoth] erg0748
36 Hasenpoth erg0766
37 Hasenpoth; Haßenpoth Bauer116
38 Hasenpothe Bauer069
39 Hasenpothe Bauer485
40 Hasenpothe Bauer516
41 Hasenpothe erg0748
42 Hasenpothe erg0873
43 Hasenpothe; Hasenpoth Bauer069
44 Hasenpott Bauer463
45 Hasenpott Bauer463
46 Hasenpott Bauer471
47 Hasenpott Bauer486
48 Hasenpott erg0990
49 Haßenpotte erg0783
50 Hasenpottescher weg erg0968
51 Hasenpotthe erg0850
52 Hasenput Bauer070
53 Hasenputtesche wege, beide Bauer178
54 Hasoppsches landt Bauer214
55 Hasosche beck erg1065 (Hasau, mündet bei Hasau in die Ostsee)
56 Hasow Bauer472 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
57 Hasow erg0248 (Hasau, Fluß, mündet Gem. Hasau in die Ostsee)
58 Hasow erg0391 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
59 Hasow erg0434 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
60 Hasow erg0896 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
61 Hasow erg1020 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)
62 Haszemuggere Bauer327
63 Haszenpot Bauer248
64 Haszenpoth; Haßenpoth erg0746
65 Hauiksberch Bauer327
66 Hauskum erg0116
67 have thom Berge erg0738 (Hofzumberge 17 km ssö Doblen)
68 Heideweg; heideweg; heidewegh erg0906 (Heideweg, führt aus dem Stift Kurland über Waldegahlen nach Talsen)
69 Heidewegk erg0923 (Heideweg, führt aus dem Stift Kurland über Waldegahlen nach Talsen)
70 Heitwech erg1059 (Heideweg, kommt aus dem Stift Kurland)
71 hele strate erg0748 (Helle Straße, bei Hasenpoth, identisch mit dem Hellen Weg?)
72 Heler wech Bauer205
73 Heler wech Bauer392
74 Heler wech erg0748 (Heller Weg, führt wohl von Hasenpoth nach Allschwangen)
75 helle strasse Bauer431
76 Helle stratte Bauer295; Bauer296
77 heller wech erg0243
78 heller wech erg0784
79 heller wech erg0909 (Heller Weg, führt von der Memel nach Birsen in Litauen)
80 Heller Weg Bauer291
81 Heller Weg Bauer376
82 Heller Weg Bauer510
83 Heller Weg erg0045
84 Heller Weg erg0862
85 Heller Weg erg0939
86 heller wegk erg0909 (Heller Weg, fürht von Salwen nach Ascheraden)
87 Helmde erg0266
88 Hemdale(?) Bauer304
89 [Herbergen] Bauer253 (Herbergen 28 km s Friedrichstadt)
90 Herman Athleves hoff Bauer273
91 Herman Hanten landt erg0090
92 Herrden Bauer157
93 Hestonia Bauer009
94 Hestonia erg0189
95 Heytwech erg0085 (Heideweg, führt wohl aus dem Talsenschen ins Stift Kurland)
96 Hildessems have erg0923 (Waldegahlen 4 km n Talsen)
97 Hildsems have erg0906 (Waldegahlen 4 km n Talsen)
98 Hilgewalt Bauer083
99 Hilghe A erg0060 (Heilige Aa, mündet ca. 54 km s Libau in die Ostsee)
100 Hilghewolt Bauer125
101 Hillige A erg0976 (Heilige Aa, mündet ca. 54 km s Libau in die Ostsee)
102 hilliger bussch erg0715
103 Hilliger buysch erg0692
104 Hilsen Bauer046 (Ilsern 3,2 km nw Dondangen)
105 Hirckstein beke; Hirckstein erg0248
106 [Hofzumberge] Bauer240 (wohl Teil von Hofzumberge 17 km ssö Doblen)
107 [Hohenberg](?) Bauer505 (Hohenberg 6 km sö Zabeln)
108 Holltsagenn gudckenn erg0937 (Fircks-Pedwahlen 1,5 km s Zabeln oder Hohenberg 6 km sö Zabeln)
109 Holtsagen hoff Bauer506 (Fircks-Pedwahlen 1,5 km s Zabeln oder Hohenberg 6 km sö Zabeln)
110 Holtzagenn Wetzimen; Holtzagenn heuschlege erg0939
111 Hosowe Bauer069 (Hasau, Fluß, mündet bei Hasau in die Ostsee)
112 Huickscher wech erg0740
113 Hundesbeke Bauer474a
114 Hunenberch erg0664 (Hüningsberg 6,5 km nö Tuckum)
115 Hünenn bergh Bauer445 (Hüningsberg 6,5 km nö Tuckum)
116 Huppit Bauer238 (Huppit, Zufluß in die Ehden)
117 Husman Bauer019 (Usmaiten 38 km sö Windau)
118 Husman Bauer019 (Usmaitenscher See 45 km sö Windau)
119 Husman Bauer023 (Usmaiten 38 km sö Windau)
120 Husman Bauer023 (Usmaitenscher See 45 km sö Windau)
121 Husowe Bauer023 (Hasau 20 km ssw Windau)