Journal of East Central European Studies

The Journal of East Central European Studies (JECES) appeared under the title “Zeitschrift für Ostforschung” from 1952 until 1994. It serves as a forum for the publication and discussion of the newest research into the history and culture of those historical countries and regions primarily situated on the border areas of modern Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It features, in quarterly issues, essays, papers, research and literature reports as well as book reviews both in German and English. All articles are subject to a double-blind peer review procedure. JECES is published on behalf of the Herder Institute by leading representatives of historical research on East Central Europe.

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Would you like to publish an article, essay or review with the JECES, which has not yet been published nor appeared elsewhere in print? Then just send your offer of contribution to the editing staff and please make sure you follow the referencing guide for writers in German and English. In addition, the JECES offers guest contributors the opportunity to publish special issues.

  • Nora Berend (Cambridge)
  • Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg (Gießen)
  • Karsten Brüggemann (Tallinn)
  • Melissa Feinberg (New Brunswick)
  • Cathleen Giustino (Auburn)
  • Maciej Górny (Warszawa)
  • Peter Haslinger (Marburg – Gießen)
  • Heidi Hein-Kircher (Marburg)
  • Catherine Horel (Paris)
  • Kerstin S. Jobst (Wien)
  • Barbara Klich-Kluczewska (Kraków)
  • Jerzy Kochanowski (Warszawa)
  • Ota Konrád (Praha)
  • Claudia Kraft (Wien)
  • Juhan Kreem (Tallinn)
  • Małgorzata Mazurek (New York)
  • Rimvydas Petrauskas (Vilnius)
  • Maren Röger (Leipzig)
  • Ralph Tuchtenhagen (Berlin)
  • Anna Veronika Wendland (Marburg)
  • Thomas Wünsch (Passau)


Responsible Editor

Dr. Christoph Schutte