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We collect and open up space for image sources East Central Europe (currently approximately 622,500 units) to make these both the research and the interested public.

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What can be found in our Image Archive?

  • Regions and localities: image resources relating to the modern states of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as the Kaliningrad district.
    The regions in the west and north of what is today Poland – i.e. Lower Silesia and East and West Prussia as well as the Baltic – historically form the bulk of the institute’s collection.
    The collection also contains more material on the Czech Republic, while only a limited number of motifs is available for Slovakia, Hungary, the Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus.
  • Topics: Predominantly pictorial motifs on art, architecture and urban development, but also documents relating to cultural history.
    In addition, there is a diverse range of pictorial material on landscapes, everyday life, historical and cultural events as well as political iconography and people. 
  • Media: the spectrum includes negatives, slides, photographs (analogue and digital), postcards, graphic and architectural drawings as well as illustrations, originating from 16th century images up to digital photography and with a focus on photography and postcards from the late 19th century.

A first access, our online searchable Image Catalog.

» Image Catalog

He is currently documented about 1/5 of the image portfolio and is constantly expanding. About the visuals not yet available online our team will gladly provide information.

Information can be provided in writing or by telephone regarding the
holdings of the Herder Institute. More extensive research by Institute
staff is subject to a fee and will be charged according to the time
outlay (see rules on cost and payment).

Analogue and digital copies of the masters in the collection can be purchased for a fee. Digital image materials are supplied in TIF file format and RGB mode. We offer unedited image files for download as standard; these can be edited on request ready for printing at an additional cost. To submit an order, please use the order form. Should you have unanswered questions regarding your order, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Other forms

Vernetzung von Fachvokabularen mit internationalen Referenzvokabularen
Ein Teilprojekt der Nationalen Forschungsdateninfrastruktur, angesiedelt im Konsortium NFDI4C-Arbeitsbereich T2 “Standards, Datenqualität, Kuratierung”
Laufzeit: 2020-2022

Aufbau einer nachhaltigen Forschungsinfrastruktur für die ontologiebasierte Dokumentation und Erschließung von Kunst und Architektur
Laufzeit: 2019-2021

Dehio-Handbuch der Kunstdenkmäler in Ostmitteleuropa mit Entwicklung des Digitalen Dehio-Handbuchs
Laufzeit: ab 2017

Upper Silesia from the air
Duration: 2016-2018

Scientific infrastructure for art-historical monuments in East Central Europe (FoKO)
Duration: 2014-2017

Digital 3D Reconstructions in Virtual Research Environments
Duration: 2013-2016

DigiPortA – The digitalisation and indexing of pictorial materials in the archives of the Leibniz Association
Duration: 2012-2015