Literature Search according to Regional and Thematic Viewpoints

We include formal descriptions of all our media while, at the same time, making the content accessible. This happens with the help of a classification system which describes factual and thematic content according to regional and objective criteria. The classification according to region is carried out on the basis of geographical circumstances in 1937, while the content is classified according to subject groups, to which various subcategories are, in each case, assigned.

Search with the aid of systematic classification

After selecting a region, you can find titles relating to particular subject areas, either by means of a word or phrase from the index or by choosing a subject group or subcategory on the system. In both cases, the search will lead you to the library’s electronic catalogue. Should you have any queries or are unable to find titles relating to Eastern Central Europe in our OPAC, we would love to hear from you.

If you are searching literature relating to specific people or places we recommend a direct search via the library’s personal or geographical registers.

1. Europe, world
2. Biographies, family history
3. Germany
4. Prussia
5. Historical German eastern territories, German national identity in East Europe (general)
6. Order state (German Orders in general, dukedom of Prussia/Prusy Książęce, East Prussia/Prusy Wschodnie (with Prussian-Lithuania/Mažoji Lietuva/Prūsų Lietuva
7. Danzig/Gdańsk and Weichselniederung
8. Poznan-West Prussian borderland (Schneidemühl/Piła administrative district)
9. Pomerania/Pomorze, (Mecklenburg) West Pomerania
10. Mecklenburg
11. Schleswig-Holstein
12. Baltic, Hanseatic League
13. Brandenburg
14. Silesia/Śląsk (Lower and Upper Silesia)
15. (Free state of) Saxony
16. (State of) Anhalt, (state of) Thuringia, (province of) Saxony
17. Lusatia/Lužice, Sorbs/Serbja/Serby (as well as Elbe Slavs, Baltic Slavs, Wends)
18. Bavaria
19. Other German states and Prussian provinces
20. The Habsburg monarchy, Austria-Hungary
21. Austria
22. Czechoslovakia/Československo (ČSR, ČSSR, ČSFR)
23. Bohemia and Moravia/Čechy a Morava (as a political unit until 1918, geographically without time limits), since 1993: Czech Republic/Česká republika
24. Slovakia/Slovensko, since 1993: Slovakian Republic/Slovenská republika (as well as Carpatho-Ukraine (Carpatho-Russia), Upper Hungary)
25. Settlement area of the Sudeten Germans, Sudeten areas (as well as the Hlučín region (Hlučínsko) and Olsa region (Olza/Olše), Austrian Silesia, (Czech) Teschen (Český Těšín))
26. Judaism
27. Roma and Sinti
29. Central Europe
30. GDR, Central Germany, new Federal states
31. East Europe, East Central Europe
32. Poland: Kingdom of Poland/Królestwo Polskie, Polish-Lithuanian Union/Unia polsko-litewska/Lenkijos ir Lietuvos unija, Noble Republic/Rzeczpospolita szlachecka, Dukedom of Warsaw/Księstwo Warszawskie, Congress Poland/Królestwo Kongresowe, Regency Kingdom of Poland/Królestwo Regencyjne, Republic of Poland/Druga Rzeczpospolita, People's republic of Poland/Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa, Republic of Poland/(Trzecia) Rzeczpospolita Polska
33. Pomerelia/Pomorze Gdańskie, West Prussia/Prusy Zachodnie, Royal Prussia/Prusy Królewskie, Netze District, Polish Corridor, Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia, Voivodeship of Pomerania (including Kashubia/Kaszuby)
34. Greater Poland/Wielkopolska, South Prussia, North-East Prussia, Province of the Grand Duchy of Poznan, Province of Poznan, (Reichsgau) Wartheland, Voivodeship of Poznan/Poznań, Voivodeship of Greater Poland/Wielkopolska
35. East Upper Silesia, including Teschen Silesia
36. Mazovia/Mazowsze, Voivodeships of Białystok, Kielce, Lodz/Łódź, Lublin, Warsaw/Warszawa
37. Lesser Poland/Małopolska (Voivodeships of Crakow/Kraków, Lviv/Lwów/L’viv, Stanislau/Stanisławów/Ivano-Frankivs’k, Tarnopol/Ternopil’), West Ukraine
38. East Poland (Voivodeships of Nowogrodek/Nowogródek/Navagradak, Polesia/Polesie/Palesse, Vilnius/Wilno/Vilnius, Volhynia/Wołyń/Wolyn’), West White Russia
39. Historical Polish eastern territories/Kresy Wschodnie
41. Russia/Rossija, RSFSR, Soviet Union, CIS and their successor states
42. Ukraine/Ukrajina
43. White Russia/Belarus
44. Baltic States (general), including German-Baltic
45. Lithuania/Lietuva, including Memel Territory/Klaipėdos kraštas
46. Latvia/Latvija (here also Courland/Kurzeme, Latvian area of Livonia/Vidzeme, Latgale/Latgale)
47. Estonia/Eesti
48. Finland
49. Northern states (general)
50. Sweden
51. Norway
52. Denmark, Iceland
53. South East Europe (including Balkans, Black Sea area)
54. Hungary
55. Romania
56. Yugoslavia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia
57. Other parts of the world, states, ethnic groups
59. Germany and East Europe
60. East and West, European Union, CSCE
61. Germany and Poland/Polska
62. Germany and Czechoslovakia and/or Czech Republic/Česko
63. Germany and Soviet Union and/or Russia/Rossija
64. Germany and Lithuania/Lietuva
65. Germany and Latvia/Latvija
66. Germany and Estonia/Eesti
67. Germany and Slovakia/Slovensko
68. Germany and Ukraine/Ukrajina
69. Germany and White Russia/Belarus