Image – Archive – (Hi)Story: German Gazes upon East Central Europe

Dia collection in the Image Archive
Dia collection in the Image Archive

The Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe cordially invites all PhD students and post-docs at the GCSC to a one-day-workshop in the institute’s image archive on July 2, with the title: “Image – Archive – (Hi)Story: German Gazes upon East Central Europe.

The image archive collects and processes visual material on East Central Europe. Currently, it comprises 570,000 items, which are made available to researchers from all over the world and from all disciplines and to the public at large. The archive contains diverse material such as photographs (negatives as well as positives), postcards, drafts, drawings, architectural designs, various albums and digitized visual sources. The archive’s holdings have come to the Herder Institute from institutions, professional photographers, publishing houses and agencies, scholars and private collections. The image archive not only archive and process its material, but also conceptualizes its own projects and exhibitions – often in cooperation with partners in East Central Europe.

The workshop has been conceptualized in cooperation with the AG Museum Cultures and Research Area 4 Visual and Material Culture Studies.

The workshop provides insights and skills in the following areas:

  • Introduction to the activities of a scientific collection
  • Working in an image archive
  • Digitization and processing of visual sources
  • Contextualization of visual material and critical analyses of archival images

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