Exhibition about the Herder Institute

In acknowledgement of the institute's 60th anniversary in 2010, the exhibition “60 years – 60 Moments in Herder Institute History” was set up. This event has provided an opportunity for staff to take a look back at the individuals who have played an important role over the last six decades as well as at events that have brought researchers of all ages together in Marburg right up to the present day. The exhibition also takes a look at the current work being undertaken by the institute and, last but not least, the continually growing collections of the Herder Institute, which are used by many thousands of people every year.

Each of the 60 moments were independently designed and created by staff at the institute. Language, form and methods of approach can therefore vary between panels. The editorial coordination of the exhibition was overseen by Dorothee M. Goeze and Peter Wörster, Wolfgang Schekanski was responsible for the layout of the panels and Marc Friede created the online version.

With the help of the following navigation bar, you can scroll through the exhibition panels or alternatively jump to the start of one of the various sections of the exhibition via the links on the right side of the page. When you click on a particular element on one of the panels, an enlarged view of that section is shown.