Map of the Exhibition Spaces
Map of the Exhibition Spaces

With our exhibition programme, we offer a forum for topics relating to the cultural history of East-Central Europe. The aim is to impart knowledge and raise awareness of these topics to a wide public audience. Our exhibition projects result from development and scientific work on our collections. As a general rule, they evolve in collaboration with external, mostly international, partners and are translated into several languages, as are the accompanying catalogues. After the first presentation (in Marburg or at other locations where the co-operation partners are based) the exhibitions are toured to interested organisations both within Germany and internationally. In addition, we host exhibitions from partner organisations, either at the Herder Institute or in Marburg, and format them for a German audience if necessary. Some are presented as permanent online exhibitions.

Currently on show

  • Städte Niederschlesiens im Luftbild

    Städte Niederschlesiens im Luftbild

    Für die ausgewählten Städte Niederschlesiens werden in der Ausstellung und Begleitpublikation jeweils den historischen Fotos von Hansa-Luftbild aus dem Bestand des Herder-Instituts eigens vom Verlagsleiter und Fotografen Stanisław Klimek angefertigte aktuelle Aufnahmen gegenübergestellt.

    Eine Ausstellung des Stadtmuseums Wrocław/Breslau, des Verlags VIA NOVA Wrocław/Breslau und des Herder-Instituts Marburg, in Kooperation mit der Stadtverwaltung Wrocław/Breslau.

    15.10.2019 – 20.12.2019
    Herder-Institut, Marburg

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