Conferences of the Herder Institute

The Herder Institute organizes conferences with numerous German and international cooperation partners. These events are mostly designed with an interdisciplinary approach and take place at different sites, alternating on a rotational basis between Marburg and the locations where cooperation partners are based. The conferences cater to the scientific community and are developed in close cooperation with the universities.

Plakat Keynote State Assessment 2019
Plakat FoKO Abschlusstagung 2018
Plakat LOEWE Meilensteintagung 2018
Plakat Symposium 2017
Plakat Tagung Crusaders 2017
Plakat Tagung Interregna 2016
Plakat Keynote Lazaroms 2016
Tagung Selbermachen 2015
Tagung Bollwerke 2014