Events / Exhibitions


With our broad exhibition programme, we offer topics relating to the cultural history of East Central Europe. Some of the exhibitions we create, others are hosted. The former are taken on tour, both within Germany and internationally, and some of the exhibitions can also be accessed online.

» exhibition programme

Public readings

Theis readings programme oriented towards a wide public audience, who are interested, not only in science and research, but also the literary aspects of our field.

» readings programme

Expert conferences and workshops

The institute runs conferences in co-operation with both national and international partners, Workshops cater mostly for young scientists and are open to members of the public with a special interest in the field.

Public Lectures

In Public Lectures, both the staff and guests of the institute introduce their research projects and the work they are currently doing.

Conference panels

At big international conventions and national conferences like, for example, the German Historikertag, the institute participates in organising specialist groups or panels.

Summer Schools and Conferences of Young Scholars

The Summer Schools in Marburg and the Conferences of Young Scholars mostly run at the locations of our international collaborative partners are targeted at young scientists.