Start date: 5. March 2018

End date: 15. April 2018


Stately Homes in Latvia from the Perspective of Monument Preservation

Past and Present Day

The exhibition presents a selection of historic and present-day photographs of structures and buildings on Latvian estates. Taken from the Wolff collection and Mašnovskis collection in the Herder Institute’s image archive, the placement of these pictures in connection and contrast to each other works to spark reflection and discussion around how the country’s cultural heritage has been dealt with since the abrupt decline of the German-Baltic world in the early decades of the 20th century.

The following stately homes are featured:

Neu-Autz / Jaunauce, Groß-Roop / Straupe, Behrs-Würzau / Bērvircava, Adsel / Gaujiena, Asuppen / Aizupe, Dickeln / Dikļi, Dubenalken / Dunalka, Burtneck / Burtnieki, Durben / Durbe, Lemburg / Mālpils, Edwahlen / Ēdole, Lesten / Lestene, Kautzemünde / Kaucminde und Kukschen / Kukšas.

A presentation first time in association with the 2016 Homburg Discussions on the topic of “Monument Preservation in the Baltic – problems, potential and political significance” at the Leibniz Institute for East European History and Culture at the University of Leipzig (GWZO).

An exhibition of the Herder Institute, supported by the Böckler-Mare-Balticum Foundation.

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Ausstellungstafel Herrenhaeuser Lettlands
Ausstellungstafel Herrenhaeuser Lettlands