Start date: 17. October 2016

End date: 28. February 2017


On Both Sides of the Barricade – photography and news coverage during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944

Alongside Polish photographs, many of which are on public display for the first time, the exhibition also contains biographies of the photographers, which have never been researched until now. The material is supplemented by the work of the photojournalist Eugeniusz Lokajski, on loan from the holdings of the Warsaw Rising Museum, together with photographs from the collections of the Herder Institute.  

The exhibition centers around the photographs of Polish and German photojournalists that were taken during the uprising and published by the press at the time. They are presented in the context of the newspaper articles in which they first appeared. Background information is also provided that throws light on, and critically examines, how the photographs came about and how they were used.

The final section of the exhibition presents the results of two seminars at the University of Hamburg, which dealt, both with the role of photography as a historical source, and its use today in media coverage of regions of crisis and conflict.

This exhibition has been created by the Regional Center for Political Education in Hamburg, the Warsaw Rising Museum in Warsaw, the University of Hamburg and Leica Fotografie International (LFI). It is sponsored by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Germany and the mayor of
the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Auf beiden Seiten der Barrikade
Auf beiden Seiten der Barrikade. Fotografie und Kriegsberichterstattung im Warschauer Aufstand 1944, herausgegeben von Haslinger, Peter; Bamberger-Stemmann, Sabine; Tönsmeyer, Tatjana, 2018.