Start date: 2. October 2015

End date: 10. January 2016


Gdańsk in aerial photographs in the Interwar Years

This exhibition, supported by the City of Gdańsk, presents historical photographs from the image archive of the Herder Institute on 30 large-format boards. The starting point of this trilingual project (Polish, German, English) is the good contacts that have already existed for years between the Herder Institute and the Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk on the one hand and the Wrocław publishing house VIA NOVA on the other.

An accompanying volume has been produced in parallel with the exhibition; its 113 images show the sea ports of Zoppot, Brösen, Heubude and Glettkau and some hydroelectric plant locations, in addition to the city of Gdańsk with its suburbs and harbour; it also has explanatory captions.

Ewa and Wojciech Szymańcy (Uphagenhaus, Gdańsk) are the main authors and curators of the book and exhibition project “Gdańsk in aerial photographs in the interwar years”. Both have researched and published items on the architecture and history of Gdańsk for many years. Thomas Urban (Herder Institute) must also be named as an additional author; he wrote a contribution on the collection of historical oblique aerial photographs at the Herder Institute. The book and the exhibition hope to make a contribution to the research into shared Polish-German heritage and how it is imparted.

An exhibition by the Herder Institute in collaboration with the publishing house VIA NOVA Wrocław and the cultural office of the City of Gdańsk. Under the aegis of the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk.

» Gdańsk in Aerial Photography from the Interwar Period. From the Collections of the Herder Institute Marburg, eds. Ewa Barylewska-Szymańska, Elke Bauer, Wojciech Szymański, Thomas Urban. Marburg-Wrocław 2010.

Danzig im Luftbild der Zwischenkriegszeit
Gdańsk in aerial photographs in the interwar years