Consuming and advertising: Eastern Europe revisited

Start date: 4. March 2021

End date: 5. March 2021

Location: virtual Meeting


Joint Conference of Verband der OsteuropahistorikerInnen e.V. (VOH) and Herder Institute (HI)

MARCH 4, 2021
2.30–4.30 pm PANEL I: Marketing and Lifestyles in imperial contexts
Chair: Martin Aust (Bonn)

Corinne Geering (Leipzig): Handmade by Local Artisans: Marketing Home Industry Products from the Late Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires
Daria Sambuk (Halle-Wittenberg): “Everyone Drinks Tea, but only Few Know How to Do it.” Marking Social and National Identities in 19th-Century Imperial Russia
Agnieszka Jagodzińska (Wrocław): Advertisement and Identity. Jewish Consumer Culture in Eastern Europe at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Julia Malitska (Huddinge): “We Should not Merely Quit Meat but Transform Whole our Life”: Vegetarian Consumption and a Quest for Life-Reform in the Late Russian Empire
Lilija Wedel (Bielefeld): Reichs- und russlanddeutsche Werbung im späten Zarenreich als Spiegel der Konsumpolitik, Konsumkultur und Kommunikationsnetze

4.00–4.30 pm DISCUSSION
Discussant: Kirsten Bönker (Göttingen)

4.45–6.00 pm PANEL II: Advertising the “New” in the Interwar Period
Chair: Stefan Rohdewald (Leipzig)

Alexandra Chiriac (Bucharest): Out with the Old, in with the New: Selling Modernity in Interwar Bucharest
Lavinia Popica (Akron): Consuming American Goods in Interwar Romania: Buyers and Sellers
Magdalena Burger (Bamberg): The Role of the Czechoslovak New Woman as a Consumer: The Case of the Women‘s Magazine Eva (1928–1938)

5.30–6.00 pm DISCUSSION
Discussant: Denisa Nešt’aková (Marburg)

7.15–8.30 pm Virtual Meet and Greet via

MARCH 5, 2021
2.00–4.00 pm PANEL III: Advertising and Consumption “Soviet Style”
Chair: Dietmar Neutatz (Freiburg)

Iryna Skubii (Kingston): Early Soviet Consumption as a First Battle on the Cultural Front
Alexandra Evdokimova (Berlin): Soviet Advertisement in the Krushchev Era: Functions, Values and Emotions (A Study of Moscow Cafés and Restaurants Guide from 1958)
Olha Korniienko (Kharkiv): Under the Western Brand: Official Portrayals of Soviet Fashionistas in the Satirical Magazine Perets’
Nataliia Laas (Waltham): Market Researchers under the Soviet Command Economy from the 1960s to the Early 1970s
Adelina Stefan (Esch-sur-Alzette): From Socialist Scarcity to ‘Conspicuous Consumption’: Foreign Tourists and Eating-out Practices in Socialist Romania of the 1960 and the 1980

3.30–4.00 DISCUSSION
Discussant: Annina Gagyiova (Prague)

4.15–6.15 pm PANEL IV: Legacies of Soviet Consumer Cultures
Chair: David Feest (Lüneburg)

Airi Uuna (Tallinn): “Jack of all Trades”: The Many Functions of a Late Soviet Advertising Bureau
Stephanie Weisman (Vienna): Smells like Socialism? On Sensory Specificities and the Emotional Branding of Perfumes in Polish People’s Republic
Tricia Starks (Fayetteville): Addictive by Design? Tobacco Product Design, Marketing, and Smoking Uptake across the Iron Curtain
Julia Obertreis (Erlangen): Smoking as a Consumption Practice and Masculinities in the Soviet Union, 1950s–1980s
Leah Valtin-Erwin (Bloomington): The Expansion of Western European Multinational Supermarket Retailers into the Post-Communist Region after 1989

5.45–6.15 pm DISCUSSION
Discussant: Alexey Golubev (Houston)

6.15–7.15 pm CONCLUSION / FINAL DISCUSSION Summarizing Commentary: Julia Obertreis (Erlangen) and Heidi Hein-Kircher (Marburg)