Equal Opportunities at the Herder Institute

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Logo of the "Total E-Quality" Award

The Herder Institute is committed as a member of the Leibniz Association to engage in equal opportunity and implement the research-oriented standards on gender equality by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft through 2013.

The previously chosen path in 2010 was honored with the award of the Total E-Quality Award.

"TOTAL E-QUALITY Germany e.V. has set itself the goal of establishing equal opportunities for women and men at work and firmly anchor. The focus is on the advancement of women in leadership positions. In addition to the reconciliation of work and family is to achieve equal opportunities in recruitment and development, to promote cooperative behavior in the workplace and to the consideration of equal opportunities in the corporate principles.

TOTAL E-QUALITY stands for Total Quality Management (TQM), supplemented by the gender component (Equality).

For exemplary action towards an aligned equal opportunity personnel management of the association awards the TOTAL E-QUALITY award. It certifies its carrier / its wearer a successful and sustained commitment to equal opportunities for women and men at work. "(http:///www.total-e-quality.de/, visited on 13.8.2013)

Contact Person:

Since 2015 Dr. Jürgen Warmbrunn is representative for equal opportunity in the Herder Institutes board.

Equal Opportunities Officer:
Dr. Elke Bauer
Tel.: 06421/184-140

Vice Equal Opportunities Officer:
Jana Gleich
Tel.: 06421/184-181

Examples of previously implemented measures

The Herder Institute

  • has made an agreement with the State of Hesse to promote equal opportunities in the implementation of the Framework Agreement Implementation Agreement for promotion of research on equality of women and men in the joint research funding (AvGlei)
  • applies the research oriented gender equality standards of the DFG
  • has a gender concept with timeline, responsible and controlling system, which is updated annually and updated
  • selects every four years, an equality officer who is actively involved in the Institute's policy
  • shall, during the award of scholarships and professional development to gender balance
  • support the school children holiday care of its employees financially
  • offers at events such as conferences and seminars on request childcare
  • respect to family-friendly session times
  • supports its employees in individual solutions for reconciling work and family life. It is a modern concept of the family based on the addition of child care includes the care of unmarried partners and partners and family members.
  • cooperates with the Dual Career Service of the University of Marburg
  • has a parent-child room for employees and users as well as for child care at events