Digital Resources of the Herder Institute

Catalogues of the Herder Institute

  • Central description of the Collections of the Herder Institute

    The central description of the collections of the Herder Institute for Research on East Central Europe – Institute of the Leibniz Association – provides an overview of the analog and digital collections available at the Herder Institute (including books, newspapers, press clippings, music, pictures, maps, documents, research data etc.).
    Where possible, the central description of collections is linked to the materials/sources themselves and/or their verifications in the catalogs and collection databases of the various service areas of the Herder institute.

  • OPAC

    Library Catalogue of the Herder Institute

  • Catalogue of the Image archive

    contains all the visual material that has been digitalised and inventoried to date as well as additional image sources from collaborators
  • Archive Database (Online-Findbuch) of the Document Collection

  • Catalogue of Topographical Cartography

    Topographical maps with interactive map indexes and geographical map sheet search
  • Bibliography Portal

    Research system for all literature relevant to research on the history of East Central Europe

Databases of the Herder Institute