Department "Scientific Collections" at the Herder Institute

The “Scientific Collections” department holds a number of sources that are available for inspection and are, for the most part, unique examples of their kind. The department is responsible for acquiring new stock, as well as maintaining, safeguarding, cataloguing, and providing online verification for all existing stock. The holdings of the Scientific Collections department have come from both institutional and private collections, for example from the areas of science and photography, as well as from companies and associations. They have been acquired through a variety of channels, including purchase, exchange, donation and deposit.


The tasks of the department include:

  • Carrying out its own photo campaigns and cartography projects
  • Carrying out cataloging and presentation projects, mostly in collaboration with national/international partners
  • Establishing online links to the collections and holdings of other institutions and ensuring common digitalization and presentation across the board
  • Maintaining a presence and providing easy online accessibility of the holdings, user support and scientific consultation, particularly on-site.
  • Carrying out digital and multimedia processing and basic research
  • Presenting the holdings and collections through lectures, exhibitions and publications

Looking after our Collections

The department is responsible for maintaining, upgrading and expanding the following collections of the Herder Institute in three different areas:

  • Document collection
  • Map collection
  • Image archive


The “Scientific Collections” department is currently carrying out a number of projects, including the following:


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