Publication Catalogue 2018

The Herder Institute’s in-house publisher publishes monographs, anthologies, collections of sources, as well as exhibition catalogues relating to the history and regional studies of East Central Europe. An important mainstay of the work they do is the renowned “Journal of East Central European Studies”.

The activities of our publisher include:

  • Acquisition and appraisal of manuscripts
  • Editing and typesetting publications
  • Supervising the entire production process


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Publishing management / Submission of book manuscripts
+49 6421 184-110 | +49 6421 184-194
Journal of East Central European Studies
+49 6421 184-129 | +49 6421 184-210
Steinebach, Ruth
Publishing management / Production management
+49 6421 184-125 | +49 6421 184-210

Not in the complete Publication Catalogue listed Publications

  • Individual publications – articles and series issued in cooperation with other publishers
  • Publications from overseas publishers – publications supported by the Herder Institute from other publishing houses (also: Eastern Central Europe past and present)
  • PDFs of publications which are out of print – those published since 2000 can be downloaded free of charge
  • OstDok – a collaborative project, hosted by the Bavarian State Library, this database offers, free of charge, PDFs of all publications, which are at least two years old, and ZfO articles