Publication Catalogue 2021
Publication Catalogue 2021

The Herder Institute’s in-house publisher publishes monographs, anthologies, collections of sources, as well as exhibition catalogues relating to the history and regional studies of East Central Europe. An important mainstay of the work they do is the renowned “Journal of East Central European Studies”.

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ZfO Issue 1 2021
ZfO Issue 1 2021

Zeitschrift für Ostmitteleuropa-Forschung / Journal of East Central European Studies

Nora Berend (Cambridge)
Hans-Jürgen Bömelburg (Gießen)
Karsten Brüggemann (Tallinn)
Melissa Feinberg (New Brunswick)
Maciej Górny (Warszawa)
Peter Haslinger (Marburg – Gießen)
Heidi Hein-Kircher (Marburg)
Catherine Horel (Paris)
Kerstin S. Jobst (Wien)
Barbara Klich-Kluczewska (Kraków)
Jerzy Kochanowski (Warszawa)
Ota Konrád (Praha)
Claudia Kraft (Wien)
Christian Lübke (Leipzig)
Małgorzata Mazurek (New York)
Rimvydas Petrauskas (Vilnius)
Ralph Tuchtenhagen (Berlin)
Anna Veronika Wendland (Marburg)
Thomas Wünsch (Passau)


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