Document Collection of the Herder Institute (DSHI)

The Document Collection covers unprinted archival sources on the history and culture of East Central Europe. Its focus lies on the history of Estonia, Livonia and Courland, as well as the states of Estonia and Latvia. So around 90% of its materials, totalling around 1,300 running archival metres in length, relates to the Baltic States. Of particular value for historical research are the holding of Baltic archive films, which were produced in 1940 in Riga, Dorpat and Reval in connections with the resettlement of the Baltic Germans, as some of the originals were lost during the war.

The Baltic holding of the Document Collection are unique in the Federal Republic of Germany due to their chronological breadth (from the end of the 12th century until the 21st century), their geographical scope (from all three historical landscapes of the Baltic region) and their wide range and variety.

Projekts of the Document Collection


Hessian Archive Prize 2009 awarded to the Document Collection:

  • The Document Collection was awarded with the Hessian Archive Prize 2009. The award ceremony took place on November 26 in the Hessian State Archives in Marburg.

Literature about the holdings of the Document Collection:

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